Dog Guard® Transmitter Features

Dog Guard T4 Transmitter
Dog Guard T 4 Transmitter Side View
Dog Guard Transmitter

Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fencing®
 T4 Transmitter

As technology evolves so does Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing® We started out in 1988 with our innovative T-1 transmitter model. Over the years we have  stayed ahead of the curve with many technological advancements and in doing so we have safely contained over a million pets.  Our T-4 Transmitter was designed with both you and your pet in mind. The Dog Guard® T-4 Transmitter includes these unique features; 
  • Power Monitoring
    •  Constant powering monitoring. A convenient green LED illuminates to let you know the system is on and functioning properly.
  • Wire Monitoring
    • Because all the wiring is underground and out of sight, our transmitter monitors the wire and will let you know by sounding an audible alarm if there ever is a problem.
  • User Adjustable Dual Zone Signal Field
    • Our unique "Dual Zone" signal field can be adjusted via the Range Control.  This works in conjunction with our adjustable training level feature. This gives you total control and the flexibility to make adjustments to stop runners, jumpers, or to accommodate the more sensitive pet.
  • User Adjustable Training Levels
    • The only pet containment system with digital coding and 32 stimulus settings for 2 independent "correction zones"ensuring safe and appropriate training levels for your pet. So when your pet approaches the reminder zone, s/he receives your choice of a warning sound or 1 of 32 warning stimuli of your choosing before entering the 2nd zone and experiencing the 2nd correction stimulus. Why settle for 1 correction zone when your pet can be better protected with 2?
  • Fully Customizable
    • The T-4 transmitter can accommodate the smallest yard up to 50 acres of property space. It can also simultaneously protect landscape areas, Pools, Play areas, and any other area you would like to keep your pet out of, as well as help keeping him safe inside the yard.

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