Trade In Opportunities

Trade Up Opportunities for Invisible Fence® and other electronic dog fences

Having issues with your existing underground dog fence?

  • Are you tired of chasing your dog since your current hidden dog fence won’t keep him in the yard?
  • Are you not 100% satisfied with the service you receive from your current hidden dog fence provider?
  • Are you having to repair your hidden dog fence boundary wire too often?
  • Are service fees expensive when adjustments to your hidden dog fence need to be performed?
Have you talked to neighbors, friends or you veterinarian and heard them talking about the value or the benefits of having Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing®? Wish you had a option to upgrade to Dog Guard®? We've got you covered!

Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fencing® offers a “Trade-Up” special for dog fence customers to trade-in (we like to think of it as trading “up”) your existing hidden dog fence. If you have another brand of dog fence (working or not) , we will give you a credit for each competitor component you trade in towards the purchase of a new Dog Guard® system.

Our competitive Trade-Up Option Plan is available for Invisible Fence® Brand, PetStop®, Petsafe®, Dog Watch®, Innotek®, and most other Dealer installed systems.

  • Compare Invisible Fence® Brand to Dog Guard® out of Sight Fencing®

    Previous Invisible Fence® Brand Customers who chose to TRADE UP to Dog Guard®

  • Compare Pet Stop® to Dog Guard®

    Previous Pet Stop® Customers who TRADED UP to Dog Guard®

  • Compare Dog Watch® to Dog Guard®

    Previous Dog Watch® Customers who chose to TRADE UP to Dog Guard®

Great Dane on Dog Guard Fence®

Dog Guard® Testimonial

" I am so pleased to have switched to Dog Guard. I was having so many problems with my landscapers cutting my wire. Every spring and fall I was calling my previous fence company. They took weeks to come out and charged me a lot of money each time.  My neighbor recommended Dog Guard.  John from Dog Guard came out and I told him the problem I was having . He suggested moving the wire out of the problem areas (Why couldn't they think of that?).  I have been with Dog Guard seven years now and only called them once and that was to say THANK YOU!"
Elizabeth Williams

With Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fencing®, you can expect;

Golden Retriever on Dog Guard®
Dog Guard® Angie's List Approved
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Lightning surge protection Included at no additional charge
  • Products that are made in America
  • A system you can adjust without incurring a service call
  • Unlimited free phone support
  • The only pet containment system with digital coding and 32 stimulus settings for 2 independent "correction zones"ensuring safe and appropriate training levels for your pet. So when your pet approaches the reminder zone, s/he receives your choice of a warning sound or 1 of 32 warning stimuli of your choosing before entering the 2nd zone and experiencing the 2nd correction stimulus. Why settle for 1 correction zone when your pet can be better protected with 2?
  • 32 different levels of correction because no two pets are alike.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
If you are ready to make the switch to Dog Guard®, we make it easy. In most cases, we can use your existing hidden fence wire so the installation is quick and easy. We just Trade-Up your old equipment (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) to new Dog Guard® equipment. Our Installers and Trainers will make necessary adjustments to your new Dog Guard® system after meeting your pet(s) so that the training levels are safe and appropriate. We will also provide refresher training if needed. And, because we appreciate your business and want you to see the value of Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing®, we’ll  discount the cost of the equipment up to $400.00!
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