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Dog Guard® RT2 Room Transmitter

Wireless Dog Fence Solutions for inside the Home

Is your dog or cat getting into rooms and on furniture where you don’t want them? Are you still using gates to keep them out of certain rooms? Your solution is the Dog Guard® RT2 Wireless Room Transmitter. This new Room Transmitter is a small discreet device that emits a 360-degree radio signal that can be hidden out of view. The Dog Guard® RT2 Room Transmitter works with the same Dog Guard® receiver collar your pet wears outside, so it is a great way to expand the value of your outdoor dog fence. 
  • Dog Guard® RT2  Room Transmitter Kitchen Solution

    You can place a Dog Guard® RT2 Room Transmitter in the Kitchen Island to prevent this.

  • You can place a Dog Guard® RT2 Room Transmitter discreetly on the Island to keep them off the counter

Indoor Hidden Pet Boundaries

Our indoor pet fence works wherever you need them. Some of or most popular solutions include but are not limited to;
  • Room restrictions
    • Want to keep your dog or cat out of the formal living room, bedrooms, closet, or an entire level of your house?
  • Furniture restrictions
    • Want to give your dog or cat the freedom to be in the room with you but not on the furniture?
  • Object restrictions
    • Do you have issues with your dog or cat getting into the trash can or on the counter-tops?
  • Doorway restrictions
    • Tired of holding your dog or cat back when someone comes to the door? Problem solved.
  • Almost any other place you want to keep your pet away from or out of Dog Guard® can help.
Regardless of the problem, the Dog Guard® RT2 Wireless Indoor Transmitter presents a variety of solutions.

Wireless Room Transmitter Features

  • Adjustable Signal Range
    • The Dog Guard® RT2 Transmitters signal can be adjusted from a small area, like to block a trash can, or a large room area by placing near the doorway of up to 8 ft. in diameter.
  • 32 different levels of adjustable correction stimulus
    • Because no 2 dogs are alike, we offer 32 different training levels to ensure Safe and appropriate training for your pet.
  • 2 Zone progressive correction technology
    • The only pet containment system with digital coding and 32 stimulus settings for 2 independent "correction zones. When your pet approaches the reminder zone, s/he receives your choice of a warning sound and 1 of 32 warning stimuli of your choosing before entering the 2nd zone and experiencing the 2nd correction stimulus. Why settle for 1 correction zone when your pet can be better protected with 2?
  • Compact design
    • Can be placed under furniture, in cabinets, or out in the open. Comes with a 10 ft. long power cord 
  • LED Display
    • The LED display is highly visible, letting you know your area is protected. 
  • Compatibility
    • The Dog Guard® RT2 Transmitter is completely compatible with our outdoor system as well as it is compatible with Invisible Fence ® Brand. (See compatibility chart)
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