Dog Guard Testimonials

Elizabeth Charles, Louisville KY

Our family purchased a labrador puppy last summer. We wanted her to be able to run freely in our backyard. A friend told me about John with Dog Guard. I called, he and his crew came out and installed our fence in just day. John helped us train Bubbles to it. Now I can leave her out all day. I recently had John come back to setup an in-house system. I wanted to keep Bubbles out of the kitchen. It is nice not to climb over gates anymore! Dog Guard is wonderful!

Don Able, Loveland Ohio

We just moved to a new house and our boxers kept escaping from our backyard. I had heard of underground fences but I was skeptical because I had seen some that didn't work. A friend told me to call Dog Guard Fence, best thing I ever did. Now my dogs don't escape the backyard, and they have the whole yard to run and play. They are free to go out any door of the house and I feel great knowing they are safe at home. I wish I had done this a long time ago. It is great
Dog Guard Boxer in Yard Testimnial

Judy Wise, Lexington KY

We live in Lexington but have a vacation home in Lake Cumberland. Thanks to Dog Guard, we now have an underground fence in both locations. John did a great job installing our dog fence even on the rocky ground at our lake home. We were concerned that they would stay in because our Lab chases deer.  I am happy report that she stays safely in the yard even when deer are present.

Diane Williams, Shelbyville KY

We couldn't be happier with our Dog Guard Fence system. Our two 10 month old pups started on the system at 15 weeks, learned quickly and have never left the yard. We are confident to let them play outdoors unattended. In addition to the system itself, we couldn't be happier with our local representative,  John W? (His last name is hard to spell). John answered all our questions and promptly addressed any concerns we had, including quickly replacing the collars when the puppies outgrew them! John has been extremely helpful and has provided us with exceptional service. We happily recommend Dog Guard Fencing  to family, friends, and anyone interested in a reliable and safe dog fence for their yard.
Tammy Werner,  Floyds Knobs Indiana

Love, love, LOVE my underground fence! We've had it for about 3 1/2 years. We got it for a young foxhound who adopted us. But she would get on a scent and be gone. She was NOT good at finding her way back home. We have a Dog-guard/Out-of-sight package and had it professionally installed by the local dealer, since he came highly recommended. He also did the primary training, I just did the reinforcement work. 

We never bothered to get a collar for our old dog at the time, since she never strayed anyway. Since we lost her, we've added two more. The first, a setter from a local rescue - and her professionally trained too (I did NOT want to be the "bad guy" for her, as she is very (very) sensitive and a worrier). The last one was an older beagle mix I found on the road. I trained him myself and he did fine.
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