Cat Guard

Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fencing Keeping Cats Safe Too!

Cat's are outdoor lovers too

Dog Guard® can design an outdoor containment area that will keep your cat safely contained and at home.

Dog Guard® room transmitters can be placed in areas of your home to prevent your favorite four padded friend from jumping on to countertops, sneaking out the door, or using the sofa as claw sharpener.Dog Guard® has developed a proven training technique designed specifically for cat's. Training starts with a small area in the house to introduce the training flags and initial correction before setting up restricting zones in the house or moving to outside training.
Dog Guard® equipment is made in the United States with a lifetime warranty and has 32 levels of stimulation with receiver collars to accommodate all sizes of cats and dogs. Dog Guard® can customize the stimulation level for your furry friends temperament.

Cat Guard for inside the house

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