Dog Guard® Out Of Sight Fencing®

Designed for your peace of mind and the safety and freedom of your pet!

Made in the USA!  Veterinarian recommended pet friendly 
Dog Guard T4 Transmitter

Dog Guard T-4 Yard Transmitter

 Not just a box on the wall.    Our American made premium quality T-4 Transmitter is packed with pet friendly features and is the brains behind the dog fence. Easily customizable and simple to adjust. It can cover the smallest area such as a patio home, or a large property of up to 50 acres. Our T- 4 Transmitter also has visual monitoring indicators as well as an audible alarm to let you you know the status of your hidden dog fence. Its also compatible with most Invisible Fence® brand receivers.

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Dog Guard Receivers

We know dogs! We have been helping pet owners keep their pets safe since 1998. We have developed three different technologically advanced receiver collars to work with our Dog Guard® hidden dog fences. Each of these receivers are designed for different size dogs of all different breeds. They all are lightweight. Durable, and completely waterproof. 
Dog Guard receivers are also compatible with most Invisible Fence® brand transmitters.  

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Dog Guard Receivers

Dog Guard RT-2 Room Transmitter

A great way to expand the value of your Dog Guard® hidden dog fence. We offer avoidance solutions for inside your home. You can keep spaces inside your home pet-free also. Discreet and hidden out of sight, our room transmitters work with your pets existing Dog Guard® receiver collar and can keep them out of unwanted areas and allows you to control their boundaries inside the house.  Compatible with most Invisible Fence® brand systems.

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Dog Guard Surge Protection

The Dog Guard Surge Protector provides a safeguard against normal AC power surges and lightning. by automatically disconnecting the transmitter in case of a rare catastrophic surge or direct lightning strike.
  • Increased Surge Current Ratings – protector has a larger capacity to dissipate surges. (fig. not actual size)
  • Better Loop Connectors – easier to attach the loop wires to the unit.
  • Reduces the Risk of System Failure – your pet will continue to be contained.
  • Power Indicator Light – easy to see that power is on.
  • Space Saving Design – low profile and better balance and stability.

Dog Guard Accessories

Invisible Fence® Compatible

Like many dog fence owners, you might feel stuck with expensive replacement receivers, Invisible Fence® batteries or service.  Dog Guard® has the solution. Give us a call, we could save you on average between 30% to 50% on replacement items such as receivers, batteries, transmitters, and other compatible items by Dog Guard®

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